A DV piece…

July 15, 2009

i-appreciate.org encourages everyone to submit written, photos or any other types of artistic form that is related to domestic violence so that other people may experience it through the eyes of someone else.  It is with great honor and pride that I share with you all the piece below which was written by one of our supporters from across the world, in Africa.  Please read, comment and as always visit the site and try to contribute your time via volunteering at (www.i-appreciate.org/volunteer).



About the Author: Deeznia is a young, aspiring writer from Africa.  She is 23 years old and recently graduated college.  She received her B.A. in Communication from the Daystar University which is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

She loves to read and write among other things and dreams of becoming a published writer someday.


Ever since my four year-old daughter was born, the story has been the same
Evening would draw nigh and I’d dread his coming home
More often than not I thought about using the rope
But instead I found myself turning to small doses of dope

The days start with a bash on the head
Sometimes I sit and wish I were dead
All he ever does is put his hands on my neck
A few days ago, in a fit of rage threw me the video deck

I fear leaving because he will hunt me down
I’ve contemplated rising early and taking my daughter at dawn
Driving far into the distance where I’ll be alone
But I don’t want her to grow up without a father; so maybe I’ll leave when she’s grown

Last night he hit me with a baseball bat
I could have sworn I almost heard my ribs crack
I fell down and that’s when he began to kick
Dropping the bat, I took it and hit him back

Mom seldom pays us a visit
She requested me to leave him, that’s what she sees fit
But when I gather the courage, he hurts me then I get sick
I know my time here is little as the clock goes tick

I live like a slave bound to his every word
I prepare myself like an Asian warrior with his sword
I ensure there’s nothing he can use to hit with me in plain sight
Sometimes I wish the day didn’t have the night

I loathe and despise him for doing this to me
Forcing me to stay home and taking away my life
He never listens to anything I say, nor does he care about my fate
I just hope by the time I gather myself, it won’t be too late


that’s awesome…

June 19, 2009

I started to wear the i-appreciate.org T-shirt this week to the gym and it’s been going well.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve caught staring at me trying to read the shirt, then when I look at them, they look away quickly.  A few days ago I was doing some exercise and this young woman was staring at me.  I looked at her and she knew she was caught so she gave me an awkward smile and slowly turned away (while trying to read the rest of the shirt…hehe)…

So today I was over at the free weight area and this really old guy smiles at me.  I mean he must have been about 70 years old.  He walks over from half way across the gym and is mouthing something to me.  I was thinking “great, he’s probably going to be like ‘sorry but I’m using this’ or something like that.”  I obviously couldn’t hear him because my music is super loud so I took out my head phones and he came up to me and said hi.

He asked me what the back of my shirt said and I turned around and told him it read i-appreciate.org.  He was interested in the shirt and after I explained it was for victims of domestic violence he was just like “that is so cool” and dapped me five.

Needless to say, that totally made my day.  That’s love.  That’s what’s up.  Even if he doesn’t buy a shirt, sign up to volunteer or even visit the website, atleast he knows that there are people out there of different backgrounds standing up for those who are victims of domestic violence.

The rest of my workout was with a huge smile which probably made some other people uneasy, but I don’t care…


facebook group getting strong…

June 8, 2009

So I try and check the Facebook group and mailing list every day to see where we stand as an organization, and wow!

Yesterday, I believe the Facebook group was at 177, and today, 297 people.  That is a tremendous jump and want to personally thank each and every one of you for joining.  The mailing list only has 70 or so members so if you haven’t already joined, please do!  Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/iappreciateorg) and add me as a friend on Facebook.

Oh, and before I forget, please go to the site and sign up to volunteer if you want to be actively involved with i-appreciate.org.  We have a few volunteers from around the U.S. (and even Canada) but definitely could use a whole lot more.

And as always, spread the word to anyone and EVERYONE you know (we want to be go global with this).  Tell your family, your friends, and yes, even those that you can’t stand…

It is extremely humbling to see such support and I seriously want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Hopefully, together, we can change the world…


Day 1…

June 4, 2009

Today was the first full day of the site being up and running and launched and boy am I glad it’s almost done…

Yesterday, as I was driving back from picking up the shirts (couldn’t see out of any of my windows) I started to get really nervous, anxious, excited, and VERY nauseous.  I just wanted everything to go perfectly and for the organization to start off with a HUGE bang and all of that good stuff, but then I reminded myself that it’s going to take a lot of time, effort and more time.  Alone, I can do nothing.  It’s only with your help that we can actually make this organization known and gain a voice.  A strong a voice.  A voice that will hopefully resonate for many generations and will change society…

That’d be pretty cool, don’t you think?

This is just Day 1 of many many more days to come.  We had a few people sign up as volunteers from all over the world, a few people contact us, a LOT of people following me on Twitter now (thanks to Miss Alicia Keys–follow her at SuperwomanAK if you aren’t) and people adding me on Facebook.  In time, sales of the T-shirts along with donations will pick up.  But all in all, I can smile and say I atleast did my best.  The rest is in your hands…


Getting ready to launch…

May 31, 2009

So we are launching in a couple of days and I am very excited, nervous and nervous…

I hope the shirts come out like they are supposed to and that the organization begins to gain some momentum…

Slowly but surely right?

Make sure to come back and visit our site (http://www.i-appreciate.org) and the blog…